Beginning with QGIS

Goal for the summer: learn the basics of GIS (Geographic Information System). The end result will be a tutorial for Programming Historian, but I’ll post my stumbles and bumbles here. I’ll be using QGIS since it’s free and freely available. Below is the beginning of a list of resources/tutorials/introductions/etc.


I haven’t written in the past two weeks as I was visiting family (& digging SXSW) over spring break in Austin. Besides having a host of wonderful new music to listen to (and I recommend you check out, download (until April 2), or stream NPR’s 100 track sampler from this year’s SXSW), I am also incredibly pleased and excited to announce that I will be one of eight summer fellow for Programming Historian (!!!), where, in addition to other tasks, I’ll develop a tutorial on GIS.

Stay tuned!