Roundup – February

Bach Digital

It’s become apparent that weekly updates on resources, projects, etc., has become untenable at the moment, so I’m scaling it up to monthly updates. I”m going to plan to post more often, though sporadically and of various short notes, links, and so forth.

  • Bach Digital – project from the University of Leipzig digitizing compositions, handwritten sources, and catalogues of Johann S. and other composers in the Bach family.
  • Histories of Digital Labor CFP – CFP for panel at MLA 2016.



Weekly Roundup: September 6

Just a quick post due to the holiday weekend. In honor of Labor Day tomorrow in the US, I wanted to repost “Tools for Digital Labor History,” a concise intro useful to all historians, compiled by Toby Higbie for the Laboring Big Data panel at LAWCHA (Labor and Working Class History Association) 2015.

I also want to take a moment to revisit the Digital Labor conference from last year, at the New School. Select videos from the proceedings can be found via this youtube playlist.

And, considering that it is the beginning of a new semester, check out “How Not To Teach the Digital Humanities” by Ryan Cordell, and “5 Reasons Why Jekyll + github is a Terrible Teaching Tool” by Vince Knight.



Weekly roundup: December 6

  • It’s not by any means new, having been online since 2008, but I spent a bit of time exploring the collection from the Civil Rights Digital Library the other day.


Two quick notes. First, the Digital Labor conference at the New School is this weekend and will be live streaming. For anyone else interested in the intersection of digital and labor studies, also check out the Digital Labor Working Group at CUNY.

Second, for anyone attending the AHA 2015 Conference, there is a list up on digital history sessions.

Though I’ll be finishing my comprehensive exams in the coming weeks, I plan to write up soon some reflections on the recent meeting of the Social Science History Association in Toronto and digital history.