Roundup – February

Bach Digital

It’s become apparent that weekly updates on resources, projects, etc., has become untenable at the moment, so I’m scaling it up to monthly updates. I”m going to plan to post more often, though sporadically and of various short notes, links, and so forth.

  • Bach Digital – project from the University of Leipzig digitizing compositions, handwritten sources, and catalogues of Johann S. and other composers in the Bach family.
  • Histories of Digital Labor CFP – CFP for panel at MLA 2016.



Weekly Roundup: September 26

pietro mellini

  • Quadrigam, a tool to “create & publish data driven websites” (via Miriam Posner)

Weekly Roundup: April 5


  • Bookworm – a ngram viewer, or tool to visualize trends in texts.
  • This syllabus from Rachel Sagner Buurma, which incorporates digital methods and tools throughout the course

Upcoming: I’m in the middle of writing an account of HTRC 15 (though you can see my tweets and retweets here), and I plan to write a post on Anelise H. Shrout‘s recent visit to my department to give a talk and a workshop (spoiler alert: both were great).

My HTRC 2015 via Twitter

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Weekly Roundup: March 28

Dirt Directory

Weekly Roundup: March 7

scaled in miles

  • Miles Davis’ entire discography, visualized. Read about the project on Open Culture,or check out the project, Scaled in Miles, for yourself.
  • The American Council of Learned Societies has announced seven Digital Innovation Fellowships. Read more here
  • The Office of the Historian in the US Department of State has released a number of digital sources on the early Cold War.
  • And for those interested in coding, I recently learned about, which offers free, interactive, tutorials on Python, HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, PHP, and using APIs.

Weekly Roundup: March 1

historic new orleans