Digital Tools in the Classroom



    A colleague included an assignment using Timeline JS in her urban history class this past semester and said it was a great success. Basically, Timeline creates web-based timeline presentations into which you can easily embed links, YouTube clips, images, and so on. It’s intuitive, and the main page includes a number of examples created by Time, Le Monde, and other news outlets.



    A text-analysis tool into which you can cut and paste text, or provide a website URL. Voyant will provide word counts, word frequency, contextual information, and visualization tools (word clouds, graphs, etc.) that you can download or share online. I’ve heard that you can enter, say, five Jane Austen novels or the collected works of Thoreau, and while it goes slowly, it will still work with that amount of text. One suggested use I’ve heard for a history class is analyzing the language in the United States’ Declaration of Independence and the France’s Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen.


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